The Boys from Kalamazoo

The year is 1862, and war fever grips western Michigan. Former clerks and farmboys clamor to volunteer, certain that their weight will put an end to the Southern uprising. The yoke of responsibility made young James Lockett wise beyond his years, but his desire to follow his friends is too much for his cautious nature. James soon learns that there are three types of volunteers: adventurers, crusaders, and villains.
Chasing bushwhackers in Missouri, he discovers a talent for soldiering and another for finding enemies. At Fort Donelson, the boys from Kalamazoo discover that they must overcome the enemy inside of themselves. But neither the Plains of the Midwest nor the fortifications of Fort Donelson have prepared them for Grant's last stand at Shiloh.

From the Publisher
The Boys from Kalamazoo presents a true-to-life, fictional account of the Kalamazoo Sharpshooters.

The Boys from Kalamazoo Book Cover
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